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How can I evict my tenant lawfully?

15 Feb 2018
You’ve discovered that the tenant renting your apartment has damaged several appliances, including the floor tiles due to irresponsible behaviour. Therefore, yo

Cancelling a contract? The do’s and dont’s to consider!

15 Feb 2018
Every person, whether an individual or a juristic person, will find themselves in a situation where they will want to terminate a contract. The aim of this arti

The drought affects us all

02 Feb 2018
Day Zero is closer than ever and may even occur sooner than expected as on the 21ST of April 2018. This will not only influence the Western Cape, but South Afri

Owning property without a will

29 Jan 2018
If you die without a will, an administrator will have to be appointed to administer your estate which will be distributed according to the laws of intestate suc

Awaiting your deposit

29 Jan 2018
What to know when your landlord has your deposit and has failed to pay it out

Renting property to foreigners

11 Dec 2017
Co-ownership is when one or more people jointly own the same property. In essence, it is when they legally share ownership without dividing the property into ph

Occupiers who can’t be evicted under the EST Act

20 Nov 2017
The Prevention of Illegal Eviction and Occupation of Land Act 19 of 1998 (PIE Act) provides, inter alia, the procedures for the eviction of unlawful occupiers.

The Sale agreement: Can I use the cooling-off period if I change my mind?

11 Sep 2017
The Consumer Protection Act has some serious implications for agents selling property - for one, a disgruntled purchaser can get out of a sale agreement within

Fearing Foreclosure: What are your rights as the homeowner?

11 Sep 2017
The recent junk status announcement has shaken us into a quick action of tightening our belts and letting go of luxuries to afford our day to day expenses.

My tenant failed to pay rent: Can I kick him out?

11 Sep 2017
If your tenant has failed to pay his or her rent, it can be tempting to simply kick them out yourself and change the locks. However, do so would be considered i
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