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Occupiers who can’t be evicted under the EST Act

20 Nov 2017
The Prevention of Illegal Eviction and Occupation of Land Act 19 of 1998 (PIE Act) provides, inter alia, the procedures for the eviction of unlawful occupiers.

The Sale agreement: Can I use the cooling-off period if I change my mind?

11 Sep 2017
The Consumer Protection Act has some serious implications for agents selling property - for one, a disgruntled purchaser can get out of a sale agreement within

Fearing Foreclosure: What are your rights as the homeowner?

11 Sep 2017
The recent junk status announcement has shaken us into a quick action of tightening our belts and letting go of luxuries to afford our day to day expenses.

My tenant failed to pay rent: Can I kick him out?

11 Sep 2017
If your tenant has failed to pay his or her rent, it can be tempting to simply kick them out yourself and change the locks. However, do so would be considered i

Managing disputes over a deceased relative’s estate

11 Sep 2017
The Administration of Estates Act, 1965, determines what must happen with an estate after a person’s death. There are certain steps that should be taken to

Will I inherit a property's municipal debt?

29 Aug 2017
On 23 May 2017, the Constitutional Court heard an application for confirmation of an order of the High Court of South Africa, that declared section 118(3) of th

The basics of estate duty

23 Aug 2017
When a person dies, they leave behind an estate which includes everything they own. Estate Duty is payable on the estate of every person who dies and whose nett

Is the tenant or landlord responsible for the water leaks?

10 Aug 2017
Questions, and sometimes disputes, often arise between landlords and tenants regarding where the responsibility lies with the maintenance of a property. The sim

Sectional titles: What is the role of the body corporate?

05 Jul 2017
When it comes to sectional title schemes, there is still widespread misunderstanding of even the basics, starting with the body corporate and how it is establis

How do I cancel a lease?

05 Jul 2017
What happens when a landlord or a tenant wants to cancel a lease? What rules and what legislation apply? What protection does the law provide?
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